On 21 December 2016 in the Belgrade EU Info Centre a presentation of Gender Analysis of Serbia was held. This analysis is meant to be an instrument to build a society of equals. Speakers at the presentation were: Nicolas Bizel from the European Union Delegation in Belgrade, Branka Draskovic, Advisor in the Coordination Body for gender equality of the Government of Serbia and Dr Mirjana Dokmanovic, expert for gender equality. The event was moderated by Marina Rakic of the EU Info Centre.



The analysis was done by Dr Mirjana Dokmanovic and it provides information and data necessary for better planning of activities and public policies aiming to achieve gender equality at all levels. It is a fact that women with 51.3% in the population present “the biggest minority” or “silent majority” and gender inequality can still be found in all segments and secotrs of the society. Thus it is necessary to continue working on achieving gender equality and this work includes both strengthening and sensitising women themselves. It is important to note that this gender analysis recognises older women as persons exposed to multiple discrimination and the publication “Introduction to ageing and human rights of older people: Pilot research study on financial elder abuse” funded by the Delegatin of European Union (November 2013 – November 2014) made a significant contribution to understanding the position of older women in the gender analysis of Serbia. Nataša Todorović of the Red Cross of Serbia attended the presentation.