The founding of the Association HUMANOST  was initiated by a group of citizens, current members of the Association, based on the identity of their beliefs and humanitarian views on the existence of a need for people who are at risk of impoverishment and social exclusion to obtain the necessary opportunities and resources to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural life and to enjoy the standard of living and social security that are considered normal in the society in which they live. We will strive for greater participation of citizens in decision-making processes affecting their lives and access to their fundamental rights.


Improving the conditions of care for older people through implementation of the different forms of non-institutional social protection as well as supporting social inclusion of older people in the society


Association for improving the conditions for accommodation and care of old people ‘HUMANOST ‘ from Skopje has for the period 2014-2018 defined the following objectives and activities:


  1. Development of non-institutional forms of social protection for older persons.
  2. Education for care assistants for older people at home.
  3. Creating policies
  4. Promoting intergenerational solidarity
  5. Promoting social entrepreneurship
    6. Networking Humanost



Association Humanost

Str. Prizrenska no.50/2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel: +289 2 2666 113 ext.18

Mob: +38977963672

Dimitar Pavlovski- President

Responsible person for the project

Sashko Jovanov

Mob: +38977963672


Website of the network of civil society organisations advocating with and on behalf of older people InkluzivaM: