Red Cross of Montenegro (RCM) is unique, independent and voluntary humanitarian organization that functions at the territory of Montenegro, as the only recognized Red Cross National Society in the country. Red Cross of Montenegro is founded in 1875 in Cetinje and today it functions as a modern organization with auxiliary role to the state in humanitarian area, conducting affairs of public interest conferred by the Law on the Red Cross.

Mission of the Red Cross of Montenegro is to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Red Cross protects life and health especially in times of armed conflicts and other emergencies, prevents disease, improves health and works on social protection; encourages voluntary service and solidarity of its members so as to provide help to the vulnerable; raises awareness on humanitarian needs and protection of human dignity and improvement of life of the most vulnerable ones. By developing its resources and establishing partnership relations with other organizations in the country and abroad, Red Cross provides humanitarian response to all forms of vulnerabilities in regular and extraordinary situations.

Vision of the Red Cross is to inspire, enable and always promote all forms of humanitarian activities, thus, contributing to maintenance and promotion of human dignity and world peace.

Red Cross of Montenegro is consisted of Red Cross organizations at the municipality level, 23 organizations that function as legal entities, in total – 19 local RC branches, City Red Cross organization of Podgorica, Red Cross of the Old Royal Capital and two city Red Cross organizations.

The main activities of the Red Cross are the following: Dissemination – spreading the knowledge on the International Humanitarian Law and Fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Promotion of Human Values, organization of First aid trainings, Voluntary Blood Donation, Disease prevention, Home care (care for elderly), providing Psychosocial support to the vulnerable groups, support to Roma and Egyptian (RE) population, Fight against trafficking in human beings, Disaster preparedness and response, Water rescue and Rescue on ski slopes, Restoring Family Links (RFL), work with youth and many others. Local Red Cross branches are in charge of conducting all the activities, with the support of the National Society and some 2000 active volunteers.

Through implementation of Home care programme, the Red Cross strives to improve the quality of life and decrease the level of poverty among elderly people in Montenegro. In 2016, the programme is being implemented in 12 Municipalities and it is based on social services provided by trained volunteers. There are some 750 beneficiaries and 200 volunteers that provide services. Besides direct provision of services during the house visits and at the Clubs for Elderly, Red Cross is intensively working on networking with all relevant stakeholders, Public advocacy, raising awareness on the needs and problems of elderly and promotion of healthy ageing. The programme was implemented with the support of the Austrian Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Austrian Development Agency and ERSTE foundation for years, and since 2016, the funds are provided through EU funded Regional project “Taking action on social inclusion of older people”.

Contact details:

Red Cross of Montenegro

Jovana Tomaševića Street, num.6
81000 Podgorica
Telephone numbers:
+382 20 241 819
+382 20 242 918
+382 20 241 613


Website of the network of civil society organisations advocating with and on behalf of older people