Association OSMIJEH-Gračanica was established in 1996 in Gračanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to provide psychosocial support to those in need as well as to promote and develop volunteering as a form of self help and social renewal of the country. OSMIJEH empowers people of all generations to be proactive in rebuilding their lives and communities and works with people of all ages encouraging them to actively participate in all processes relevant to their lives and the society.


Basic objectives of OSMIJEH are:


  • Improving psychosocial wellbeing and quality of life of vulnerable groups in the society
  • Contributing to solutions for problems arising from social inequalities
  • Contributing to social renewal of the country
  • Promotion and protection of human rights
  • Contributing to the development of solidarity and social cohesion across the society
  • Contributing to the development of civic initiatives
  • Supporting and educating citizens, especially younger ones in civic activism
  • Contributing to reducing tension and building trust among people
  • Building a society for all ages

Main regular programmes of OSMIJEH


  • A centre for children and youth
  • A centre for promotion and development of volunteering
  • Psychosocial support training for education professionals
  • Work with older people and for older people – activating older people to take part in the societal processes that influence their lives
  • Scholarship programme for students of primary and secondary schools and university students
  • Creating better work conditions for all vulnerable groups (building new facilities, providing adequate equipment, assisting tools…)
  • Manufacturing programmes

Contact information:


O S M I J E H – G R A Č A N I C A Društvo za psihosocijalnu pomoć i razvijanje dobrovoljnog rada

Naselje Lamele bb

75320 Gračanica

Tel: +387 35 702 860

Fax: +387 35 706 419

e-mail: osmijeh@bih.net.ba

Website of the network of civil society organisations advocating with and on behalf of older people Za dostojanstveno starenje: