Albanian Association of Geriatry and Gerontology was founded and approved in 1991. It was reorganized and registered according to the new law in 2010.


Since 1994 AAGG has been a member of European Association of Gerontology (EAG) and International Association of Gerontology (IAG).

The mission of AAGG is to support healthy aging in Albania through organized efforts from different groups of society with full participation of elderly people.  AAGG promotes capacity building of health services for older people, their empowerment and advocates for awareness about the health problems and socioeconomic needs of older people in Albania, especially those living in extremely hard conditions and social isolation.

After many years of being focused on enhancing gerontological professionals in the country, AAGG has recently started putting a particular emphasis on advocacy activities and empowerment of older people. At the moment research and analysis on the health of older people, as well as their social situation and risk factors are areas where AAGG is focused.

AAGG has approximately 60 members, mainly health professionals with a special interest in geriatry and gerontology. Dr. Reshat Koci is the President and Dr. Alban Ylli is the secretary general.

Since 2003 AAGG has been part of regional networks coordinated by Help Age International (HAI), a British non-governmental organisation focusing on ageing and older people. Since 2010 AAGG has been the official partner of HAI for Albania and member of international network of Age Demands Action (ADA).

Since 2014 AAGG is member of a roster of NGOs selected by OSCE Albania.

AAGG has collaborated with Ministry of Health on the development of guidelines and protocols of the package of health services for older people. It has been part of a working group formed by the Ministry of Social Wellfare which developed the first national strategy on Ageing. In 2016 AAGG supported the preparation of the second national report in the framework of evaluation and appraisal for Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing.

Since 2012 AAGG has in collaboration with Institute of Public Health been carrying out International Research Multi Centre Project on Health and Mobility, (IMIAS) coordinated by the University of Montreal.

AAGG experience encompasses population research on older people, policy analyses on third age, training, networking, advocacy, etc.

AAGG has been active in galvanizing a network of organisations and institutions MOSHA (Movement of Organisations Supporting Healthy Ageing) which focus on with issues of older age in Albania. The network is a loose coalition composed of 14 organisations of older people and other organisations interested in issues of ageing. The network has good connections with state institutions (central ministries and local municipalities).

In 2016 AAGG has started coordinating the in-country activities of the regional project Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People. It is the second European Union supported project AAGG has  coordinated in Albania.

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