The national dialogue on ageism was an even organised on September 27 at the Palace of Serbia, and it was attended by HumanaS network representatives, Prof. Dr. Dragan Radovanović, President of the Red Cross of Serbia, and Ms. Danica Šmic, a Red Cross volunteer and Nadezda Sataric the president of association Amity. The dialogue was organized by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue and the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, and the dialogue aimed to present the Global Report to Ageism on the one hand, and to draw attention to the situation of older people around the world on the other. UNFPA Regional Director Alanna Armitage also attended the event.

The President of the Red Cross of Serbia pointed out that we fight against ageism primarily through inclusive public policies, education of all relevant factors in the community and of course campaigns, but no less important is the development of different programs at local level and promoting the contribution of different generations through intergenerational solidarity and intergenerational exchange and that is exactly what we nurture in the Red Cross of Serbia in all our programs and projects. Building a “Society for All Ages” should be the goal we strive for, because it is a society that values the contribution of all its members regardless of age, and the fight against age discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices begins at the local community level, in the family and in the street in which we live, in the environment in which we work, but also in the organization in which we volunteer, such as the Red Cross.

Ms. Danica Šmic pointed out that by volunteering and developing solidarity among people, we are directly fighting against ageism. Nadezda Sataric spoke about especially vulnerable categories in older population and the discrimination they face.