On the occasion of the day of the Institute for Mental Health on April 14 and 15, 2021, the VIII Forum was held, entitled “Women’s Mental Health”. The forum brought together experts from the country and abroad. During the two-day event, plenary lectures, symposia, panel discussions and round tables were held. At the invitation of the Institute for Mental Health, the expert associate of the Red Cross of Serbia, Natasa Todorović, held a lecture on violence against older women. In addition to the definition, risk factors and various types of violence, she presented the results of research within the project “Empowerment of older women: Prevention of violence through changing social norms in Austria and Serbia” (EmPreV), which is financially supported by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency.

A particularly important part of the lecture was violence against older women during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the reasons why older women do not report violence to the competent institutions, because it is a worrying fact that only one older woman reported violence to the police in the research study implemented by the Red Cross of Serbia. It is also a worrying fact that older women often do not recognize some forms of violence such as psychological or financial violence. The lecture also contained recommendations for improving the response to violence against older women.

Programme: http://www.imh.org.rs/data/d/00046.pdf