Since the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic put older persons in Serbia in an especially difficult position – due to higher risk of falling ill as well as the harder isolation that may have strong effects on psychological stability and mental health – the Beiersdorf Company in Serbia decided to offer support through donating funds to HumanaS Network.

Through the discussion it was agreed to use the 15,000 Euro donation to purchase and distribute food and hygiene parcels for older persons who need this kind of assistance and to distribute the parcels using the resources of HumanaS Network coordinated by the Red Cross of Serbia and comprised of civil society organisations working alongside and for older persons on public advocacy and policy influencing to improve the quality of life of older persons. However, during the epidemic, a large art of the members’ activities is focused on providing basic support to the most vulnerable older persons in order to preserve their physical and mental health. Provision of food and hygiene parcels will be most helpful to those who are most vulnerable and who do not have family or neighbours to support them and socialise with them. HumanaS Network and the Red Cross of Serbia want to express their gratitude to Beiersdorf Company for their understanding and valuable support.