At the Red Cross of Subotica premises on 3. February a lecture on Elder Abuse was organised. Its audience were older persons themselves as well as volunteers and Red Cross staff. Natasa Todorovic, Red Cross of Serbia Health and Care Programme Manager spoke about the phenomenon of elder abuse, its frequency, types, risk factors as well as the ways of protection. Elder Abuse is a public health and social problem that tends to go underreported so that the number of reported cases is merely a tip of the iceberg. According to the World Health Organisation’s data, one in six older persons are subjected to abuse while only one in 24 reports it.

At the lecture, particular emphasis was put on the vulnerability of older women and the risks that make older women more likely to be targeted by elder abuse. Also presented was the plan of future activities of the Red Cross of Serbia in the EmPreV project that aims to improve the response of the system to elder abuse through recognising the phenomenon, more efficient protection and strengthening older women.

The lecture was attended by more than 50 participants: members of Pensioner Association Subotica, young volunteers and employees of the Red Cross of Subotica.