The Red Cross of Serbia continues with the projects related to social inclusion of older persons in Serbia so one of the activities of the Red Cross of Savski venac branch, working with the REdefinition NGO was organising a workshop. The workshop was part of the KNIToMANIA project and it provided the opportunity to older persons to learn to knit using used plastic bags – thus taking active participation in an effort to effect positive ecological change in the society.

At the workshop the participants learned how to prepare plastic bags to be rolled into a ball, then to roll a ball and the final technique was knitting itself. This unique technique is very useful as it uses a part of material that is difficult to recycle, so through using knitting bags are turned into products that can have practical use in everyday life. Additionally, knitting can bring persons medical and social benefits. The workshop was also joined by the members of the literary section of older volunteers of the Savski venac Red Cross branch where older persons share with each other their writings.

This kind of activity aligns with Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 13 related to protection of the environment and ecology, Goal 4 that is about learning new skills and Goal 8 related to social entrepreneurship. The Project is supported in the framework of the national project “Your Place in Serbia” implemented with the support of USAID and ORCA NGO.