The Red Cross of Serbia organised a panel discussion on Intergenerational Solidarity and Exchange on 20 February 2019. The objective of the discussion was to shed light on the concept of intergenerational solidarity and exchange and establish whether participants think intergenerational solidarity exists in the Republic of Serbia and how it can be improved. The participants agreed that roles of family and school are very important in creating attitudes and that we need to work on promoting solidarity within and between generations. It is also necessary to promote examples of good practice as nothing succeeds as success.

All the participants agreed that the society should provide opportunities for development of cooperation, solidarity and understanding. Solidarity includes all generations and life course is therefore important. Each generation gave its contribution to family and society and each is important for development. The message of this panel discussion is that intergenerational solidarity is a lifestyle but also a value prescribed by public policy. This panel discussion was implemented with support of the Office of the Minister without portfolio responsible for demographics and population policy, with participation of 25 persons of different generations giving their contribution to understanding of this complex concept.


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