On Friday 9 November at the Red Cross of Serbia premises, an educational workshop was organised for the HumanaS Network members was organised, focusing on communication with the media. The workshop is a part of the “Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People” (TASIOP) project, with one of its objectives being strengthening the civil society organisations to be more effective in advocating, alongside older people, for policy changes that will improve the quality of life of the older generation.

The workshop was moderated by Suzana Milicic, a consultant for public relations and the work was divided into several segments. The trainees, representatives of civil society organisations in the HumanaS Network as well as of organisations that participated in TASIOP project by implementing local social inclusion initiatives for older people, were listening about efficient ways of presenting themselves and their work, as well as about the techniques of writing for the media and social networks. A discussion was also had about stereotypes of ageing and older people in the Serbian media and there were concrete discussions about the current activities and campaigns of these organisations and how they may be improved through more efficient communication with press members.

The trainees expressed their satisfaction with the workshop the moderator as well as their interest for similar learning opportunities in the future.

The project “Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People” is coordinated in five countries of the region by the Red Cross of Serbia with support provided by the European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross.