On Wednesday 31 October the second session of the Serbian Government’s Council for Improvement of Intergenerational Cooperation and Solidarity was held. One of the members of this council is the Red Cross of Serbia associate, Ms. Natasa Todorovic. For this second session the Red Cross of Serbia was tasked with providing a suggestion of model of a unified reporting format for projects and programmes of intergenerational solidarity that will establish grounds for forming a database, as well as for coordination and monitoring of implementation, but also provide the possibility to good record practice examples. Minister without portfolio responsible for demographics and population policy who is coordinating the work of this Council, Prof. Dr. Slavica Djukic Dejanovic informed the members of the Council about the activities implemented in marking the 1 October, International Day of Older Persons and the activities implemented during the Children’s Week – the first week of October. A website of the Council is in preparation and the importance of creating recommendations for local administrations to develop and advance intergenerational solidarity was underlined.

Bozidar Dakic, Head of the Republic Institute for Social Protection informed the Council members of the services of social protection for children, young people and adults. The Council agreed to start the initiative with the relevant ministries about establishing the curriculum for general and health education for the as early age as possible as well as introducing intergenerational solidarity elements in the appropriate education curricula.

The representative of the Republic Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance shared the publication “The year of intergenerational cooperation and solidarity” with the Council members with the results of the poll on intergenerational solidarity.