On Friday 20 July in Miljkovic Gallery in Belgrade, a creative workshop “Greetings from Belgrade” was organised. The workshop is part of the activities in supporting civil society organisations through small grants, within the framework of Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People project, coordinated by the Red Cross of Serbia and supported by European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross. The workshop was organised by Centre for Reintegration and Activism Belgrade in partnership with Volunteer Service Zvezdara, as part of the micro-project “Workshop of the Invisible Ones”.

The creative workshop was an opportunity for anyone interested to freely, with support provided by the volunteers, create gifts, souvenirs and decorative items with Belgrade motifs. Souvenirs made in the workshop were then gifted to the participants to take them home.

This workshop was an opportunity for socialisation, learning and manufacturing coasters, book-markers, magnets, for decorating glass jars and other items made of glass, with Belgrade motifs.

Considering that this workshop was also organised for people of all ages, older women and men were invited to come with their grandchildren and create gifts together, that they will later present to guests visiting Belgrade this summer.