Centre for Reintegration and Activism Belgrade, working with Volunteer Service Zvezdara in the microproject within the framework of Taking action on Social Inclusion of Older People project organised two workshops on 6 February.

The first workshop was organised in “The House of Fairy Tales”, focusing on intergenerational cooperation with five small children present. The work was focused on the upcoming Valentine’s Day so the participants of the workshop were busy creating decorative hearts, greeting cards, decorative magnets and items decorated using decoupage. Every participant got a gift at the end, alongside an item they created during the workshop.

At the second workshop organised at the Club 50+ premises there were 32 motivated and very active participants who have during the workshop expressed interest in extending cooperation and socialisation and complimented the project idea. They were visibly satisfied with the items they created that they will gift to their loved ones, which served as motivation in their work.